Terri is an Associate Professor in the Division of Trauma & Acute Care Surgery, in the Department of Surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She holds appointments in the Department of Psychiatry, Institute for Health and Equity, is a member of the Neuroscience Research Center, and is the co-director of the Research Core of the Comprehensive Injury Center. Along with Christine Larson, Terri is the co-Founder of the Milwaukee Trauma Outcomes Project.

Clinically Terri is a Licensed Psychologist and started the Trauma & Health Psychology Service for the level 1 trauma center at Froedtert Hospital. She provides patient care to traumatically injured survivors who have been hospitalized and has an outpatient behavioral health clinic for patient experiences traumatic stress and other outcomes after trauma. She is also a member of the trauma quality of life clinic, which is a multidisciplinary clinic providing integrative care for trauma survivors after discharge.

Her research interest centers around documenting psychological, quality of life and resilience outcomes after injury and detecting acute risk for poor outcomes, as well as identifying psychosocial and neurobiological targets for early intervention to prevent distress and PTSD after trauma. She is also interested in developing early interventions that are applicable to the trauma center environment. She has received research funding from the CDC and NIH, as well as internal funding mechanisms from the Medical College of Wisconsin, including the Clinical and Translational Science Institute. Most recently, she has received funding to understand the impact that socioenvironmental stress, including chronic neighborhood violence and experiences of discrimination, has on creating a biologic vulnerability to traumatic injury that leads to poor outcomes.

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